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These things, Ton-up pants:

Posted by Andrew Johnson(ip:)

Date 2014-06-18

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After owning for about a week going on a few hundred miles worth of riding and wearing to work today they:

-seem to look good.

-seem to protect better than simple straightforward jeans.

-are warm (but it's currently an LA summer).

-the shirring sections allow for a different kind of movement than regular jeans while riding (the leg cuffs don't ride up as much with knees bent)

-the easily accessible and removable protection is easily accessible and... removable.

However the price left me surprised I found that they:

-have a very shallow rise compared to regular jeans I'm used to (which are Gap 1969 skinny jeans) leaving me to pull them up quite often to no avail and leave my backside exposed while in riding position. There's not much room in the groin to hike them up at all.

-I'm not that tall at 72" so I ordered based on the sizing chart for a 32 which most of my measurements matched. However the leg cuffs ride up just a bit too high when riding and like I said before the waist wants to pull down too much.

-I made sure to wash once before wearing in cold water hanging to dry and there may be more time necessary for the shirring material to stretch out but after being in a riding position on a sport bike for 30 minutes the CE armor in the knees started to really give a lot of pressure pain deep in my kneecaps. The shirring material above the knees was pulling too hard against where my knees wanted to be. Essentially it would be solved with more length in the upper thigh and more shirring material in the waist.

-Even sitting down at my desk with the knee armor in I would have to stick my legs out straight after 20 minutes or my knees would be in severe pain to the touch

-The front pockets are too small. I keep a slim wallet and an iPhone 5 in my right pocket my keychain with only my car/house keys in my left pocket. When I sit or bend with any of those things in the pockets they are too shallow and narrow that my skin gets pinched at the bend especially with the hip protectors in. Seeing as I have no man-purse to carry these things in these pants are hard to work in for 20 hour days if I want my keys phone or wallet with me. My regular jeans are fully capable of carrying my personals

-The button on the fly has a frustrating edge to it due to the extruding letters wrapped around the circumference reading "uglyBROS". It took some wear and tear on the eyelet before I could (un)fasten it properly.

-There's a rough-edged strip of decorative fabric wrapping around the entire circumference of the inside of the waist. Those more inclined towards pant assembly may know more but to me it looks to be entirely for design reading "UglyBros - We're not RACERS but RIDERS." For me when it touches my skin I wish it wasn't there and seems to be useless.

-It hasn't been a problem yet but I'm having visions of a future in which food particles may trickle into the open-topped knee armor slot. It seems like a cool design and helpful for the versatility of taking armor in and out but I've noted to myself to be careful of any food stuffs I eat while wearing them. I don't want the bottoms of the sleeves filled with crunchy off-putting things.

In conclusion these pants don't yet feel like they're worth $300. It may take some wear and tear and breaking in which I want to be true because I'm really hoping I didn't spend that much on a pair of jeans that fit worse than my go-to pair and protect less than some Alpinestars or Dianese-brand products I could've purchased instead. I will have to update after a month or something.



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  • Posted by uglyBROS

    Date 2014-06-19

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    Spam Thanks for your valuable comments and taking time to review Tonup jeans in detail.
    We will deeply consider and measure possibilities to implement every comments you made on this review on our next developments.
    And of course, if we can, we would also consider improve all points as a running change as well.

    looking forward to hearing back from you on month-in reviews

    Again we deeply appreciate your comments

    Thank you
  • Posted by Idola Odonnell

    Date 2020-07-23

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    Spam I have used many jeans pants but when I used ton up it was good and fine stuff. These store are located in many areas to protect better on than simple straight forward which seems warm.
  • Posted by LynnRBenjamin

    Date 2020-09-15

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    Spam This looks very amazing that you are sharing the complete detail of these products and people can know about the fabric and stitching quality here in the detail. From the I want to learn how to resolve the issues related to it.
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